• Reduction of preparation times
      • Fully guided solutions
      • Continuous Inventory
      • Very easy to use

      • Non-stop solutions - 24/7
      • High traceability in the preparation
      • Reduction of errors and their costs by 80% vs paper

      • Increases productivity by 40% on average
      • Fast return on investment
      • Reduce your OPEX

      How do we do it?

      We have libraries in C++, JAVA and .NET, which facilitate the integration and management of the displays in the warehouse management software WMS/ERP/SAP and a PicKIT evaluation KIT with an open source Test/Configuration program.

      We have collaborators who can provide an application that manages the displays and their interface to the warehouse management program.

      With dynamic shelving or PUTWALL shelving we can advise you or also the case of needing some application made to measure.

      Efficient solutions integrated into your warehouse

      Picking  of units

      Picking completed boxes

       Picking with PLC’s


      Cold & Frozen

      Picking carts

      Restocking shops

      Picking with leds

      + 25 years
      We are manufacturers

      ¡we want to propose you the best solution!

      what they say about us

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      Solution Type: WMS Software Developer


      Quality service at a very reasonable price.

      Materials It is a product designed for use in the Warehouse, used by different operators; reliable and durable, thanks to its ergonomics and robustness.

      Technical assistance. The technicians leave the product ready for operation, with a few simple instructions the operators keep the system fully operational without interruptions for maintenance.

      Degree of satisfaction and overall assessment. Delivery times are strictly adhered to, support and attention are exceptional and very easy to get either by phone or email. Electrotec’s technicians are part of the project and you can use them for any type of support related to the project, and not only for the installation of the supplied material.

      Recommendations: Maintain the current service line, especially the after-sales line that differentiates Electrotec from its competitors; get involved in projects like you do now gives us added value as we can dedicate ourselves to implement the project with the peace of mind of knowing that the material area is in the best hands; those of their manufacturers who are going to participate in the project from the first minute until its completion.

      3 October, 2019